Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Tossing Tradition: Solapur, India

Initially I wanted to include a news article detailing the practices, beliefs and motives of this Indian tradition. However, in all of the articles I have seen in regards to this practice, the writing was framed in a way as if to speak to Americans, through the lens of another American. Everyone wrote it like, "Ok, I know this shit is crazy, and my editor told me to do a story on this, soo.. here." Specifically, strategic word selections such as 'bizarre,' 'quirky,' and 'off the wall,' seek to label an objective practice as something, rather than letting it merely exist as a tradition practiced by a group of people.

One of the primary efforts of W&B is to present various cultures in a manner that allows them to be observed without a filtered lens. This is not to say that opinions and beliefs will not be related within future posts on W&B. I have been effected and shaped by my experiences as much as everyone else has that's ever lived. But know that effort is put into the pursuit of diversity through presentation.

This religious tradition is practiced by the people of Solapur, Maharashtra, India.
Courtesy of Triz


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