Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Junior Boys - "Bits & Pieces"

Would you even think these cats make this kind of music? I wouldn't have thunk for the dude on the right, possible for the dude on the left. Seems like they're just starting to get on. They got some Hypem, iTunes love, and then infiltrated the 6717 when they hit Lans comp. Looking at the career of the Junior Boys is a lesson in persistence. When they started in '99 they got no commercial love, and one of the dudes left the band. The remaining member, Jeremy Greenspan partnered with his engineer Matt Didemus and then really got things rockin. Bits & Pieces is a smooth track for the club. You can dance fast or slow and you're good. You can't really tell if this was made in '89 or '09. Which is a good thing. More from them to come. Isn't this fun?


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