Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Cool Kids "Pennies"

The Cool Kids have been around for a minute now and although they've created a good amount of buzz they have yet to come with that one commercial friendly song that you hear on repeat on the radio. (Fuck the radio by the way). Despite their lack of radio love, The Cool Kids remain a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stale genre of hip hop, even though this refreshment is easier on the eyes than the ears. In short, the concept and aesthetic of the Cool Kids makes them much more appealing than their actual music. To become a success this must change, although you never really know what might catch on. Regardless, Pennies is the duos latest work, and in some respects their most creative. What may be the coolest thing about the Cool Kids is their ability and willingness to shun the formal mold of hip hop production, saying, ''Fuck You," to the status quo of hip hop videos consisting of cars and girls and cars and more girls. While the lyrics aren't too memorable, you'll forsure remember the Alligator whip.

via Kanye


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