Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peter Bjorn & John - "Nothing To Worry About"

This song is strange. This song is cool. Peter Bjorn & John originally gained notoriety for their 2007 hit, "Young Folks." Peter sings. Bjorn is on guitar but also sings. And John plays guitar. This beat is hectic but somehow fluid. This song will only be relevant to us seniors for another month though. Then we got lots to worry about.


A Secret Society Illuminated: The Illuminati

What is going on behind the scenes though that's made everything the way it is? Secret societies are so fascinating because the true depth, scope, purpose and motives of the society are known and applied, yet are kept a secret. Does that mean that their goals and objectives are no good? Perhaps. Wouldn't you want everyone to know if you were doing something good for others, or for yourself? Please let us in on the secret. We promise we will tell.

Illuminati Symbol (Dolla Dolla Bills Yall)

For many conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is the ultimate secret society, a group that stretches its tentacles of control to encompass the entire world. According to these theorists, the members of the Illuminati are the real rulers of the world, and they have been pulling the strings from behind the political scenes for centuries. They have infiltrated every government and every aspect of society around the planet—and some say that their ultimate goal is to accomplish a satanic New World Order, a one-world government, that will prepare Earth’s citizens for the coming of the Antichrist. Although such paranoid claims make for exciting reading, the Illuminati of history, rather than legend, was a secret society formed in Bavaria in 1776 with the political goal of encouraging rebellion of the people and the abolition of the established monarchies. Structuring the society along the lines of the classes and orders of the Freemasons, the Illuminati included levels of enlightenment that could be achieved by undergoing initiation through various mystical rites and ceremonies. Although the society’s founder, a professor of religious law named Adam Weishaupt, sought to establish a new world order in the late eighteenth- century, the Illuminati was destroyed within 15 years of its founding. The term “Illuminati” was first used by Spanish occultists toward the end of the fifteenth century to signify those alchemists and magicians who appeared to possess the “light” of spiritual illumination from a higher source.
Further information on the Illuminati here


Killer Mike - "A.D.I.D.A.S"

Nathaniel likes his white, I like mine dark as cola
It's the first thing on my mind in the morn' when I roll over
All men young or old in the end it's what we after
Even my grandpappy's happy, he got prescribed Viagra

Download Here
Courtesy of B. Williams


Morning Chuckles (UPDATED)

Lan has brought a new movement to the W&B. THE MOVEMENT'S SO STRONG. It's so good but so bad. It started with Dmac TeenQueen Lan & Myself, and it will continue. Don't even have words for the this video. Don't even know what to say. This is just too much and I can't stop watching it.

Apparently within the last 2 days the Failblog channel has been suspended on youtube. This is devastating. Especially since the movement just got started. While I can go on about why its wack to suspend Failblog and list all the reasons in support of its existence, I'd rather let this cat say it:


Monday, March 30, 2009

Cream - "Sitting On Top Of The World"

Sometimes there comes those moments when everything is just really really good. Like super solid. You might be in a really nice place, or maybe it's just really comfortable and you're settled. A lot of the times you're with good people. They always make the moments better. So then it's like, "Damn I wish these moments lasted forever." And you're sitting on top of the world.


Paul Smith 2009 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Paul Smith brings us his Spring/Summer lookbook. The title of this collection should be less is more. Subtle and subdued colors allow for each piece to really stand out. These photography shots are funny though. What is Paul trying to convey here? What lifestyle are we subscribing to when we purchase some lobster red trousers? Who knows. We'll probably get some compliments though.


Are Prisons Obsolete?

One of the primary W&B initiatives will be to educate folks on the role of the Prison Industrial Complex, it's origin, processes and ramifications for those involved. The whole thing is just fucked up and if we know more about it we can probably come up with some creative ways to combat this cycle. That is, unless you think prisons are cool. Below is an excerpt from Angela Davis' 2003 work, Are Prisons Obsolete?

What do we miss if we try to think about prison expansion without addressing larger economic developments? We live in an era of migrating corporations. In order to escape organized labor in this country and thus higher wages, benefits, and so on corporations roam the world in search of nations providing cheap labor pools. This corporate migration thus leaves entire communities in shambles. Huge numbers of people lose jobs and prospects for future jobs. Because the economic base of these communities is destroyed, education and other surviving social services are profoundly affected. This process turns the men, women, and children who live in these damaged communities into perfect candidates for prison.

In the meantime, corporations associated with the punishment industry reap profits from the system that manages prisoners and acquire a clear stake in the continued growth of prison populations. Put simply, this is the era of the prison industrial complex.


Cartoon Skeletons

Skeletons. Or tons of skeles.

Pictures by Amphibian


LBJ Double Post

Haven't really seen anything like this. Lebron is becoming a jugernaut. Probably the best word I can think of to describe him is undeniable. He's a movement too. I might have to throw up that LBJ 60minutes too. Yes. I shall do just that. It's fucked up though. LBJ got the W&B love before KB24. Don't trip though the KB posts are in the back pocket. Savin em for a rainy day.

Juggernaut :noun: a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path


N.E.R.D feat. Santogold & Lil' Wayne - "Soldier"

I wanna be on listening to this at a concert. We'd just be jumpin around all over hella juiced. Pharrell would be gettin the crowd juiced. Santo would just be on the side holdin down the vocals. And then Wayne would come out and just kill it. This song is much better on than not on, but add this to the getting on playlist. Indeed.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Doors - "Love Street"

She lives on love street. Lingers long on love street. She has a house and garden. I would like to see what happens. She has robes and she has monkeys. Lazy diamond studded flunkies. She has wisdom and knows what to do. She has me and she has you. She has wisdom and knows what to do. She has me and she has you. I see you live on love street. There's this store where the creatures meet. I wonder what they do in there. Summer sunday and a year. I guess I like it fine, so far. She lives on love street. Lingers long on love street. She has a house and garden. I would like to see what happens. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la



Can't even lie. Really tricked off a cool 15 minutes to this. I'm not even gonna describe it. But if curious just go. Homegirl had to try on so many outfits. They need to have more models though. No one's sniffin the classic though.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Introduction of Taz Arnold

Yes. Way way out there. But I feel him. his movement is very similar to the W&B movement. The promotion of thought. To get folks thinking, caring, loving, living. Taz Arnold exemplifies it. Yes his gear is outrageous but it's outrageous because he's realized the triviality of clothing, yet seeks to dominate and define that manner of presentation. This cat is really stuntin' on folks. Below is the inaugural video, followed by excerpts from his interview with Complex magazine.

on how he dressed as a kid: I’ll say this. In 1986, I was in a prep gang on 108th street in Crenshaw called “The Nerdz Gang,” like the candies. It was a spin-off of being a nerd, but these were like criminal cats riding surfboards, skateboards—all black, mind you—and selling a little weed and shoplifting surf clothes. And that was the first gang that I ever wanted to be in, and like I was in the 6th grade…

on the thought of people dressing like him: I think that kids should dress like me when they become a master. You not supposed to carry a gun unless you trained to carry a gun. You can’t do what the cowboys do. You can’t do what the Indians do. I’m a big guy; I’m not a little guy. There’s stages to this shit. I’m a professional. You can’t really go out wearing tights and Stephen Sprouse tights and shit. You don’t know how to do that. Stick to the skinny pants for right now. There’s phases—you just got out the baggy pants and the throwbacks!

Full Interview Here


Artist Paints Herself Having Sex With US Presidents

You gotta peep this. I'm slowly realizing the potential of art. It can do so much. Alter the way we're thinking or feeling, and at best compel action or conversation. This is strange but cool. Justine Lai is a San Francisco artist who has created oil paintings of herself knockin boots with the Presidents. Justine take it away...

In Join Or Die, I paint myself having sex with the Presidents of the United States in chronological order. I am interested in humanizing and demythologizing the Presidents by addressing their public legacies and private lives. The presidency itself is a seemingly immortal and impenetrable institution; by inserting myself in its timeline, I attempt to locate something intimate and mortal. I use this intimacy to subvert authority, but it demands that I make myself vulnerable along with the Presidents. A power lies in rendering these patriarchal figures the possible object of shame, ridicule and desire, but it is a power that is constantly negotiated.

View the full gallery here


Pogo Stick Pro

How do you think this dude got into pogo sticking in the first place? Maybe a gift that he really really liked. Can't help but think how severely injured dude could get each time he does a flip. This shit is ridiculous though. Although hella tight, pogo sticking kinda falls into the category of useless talents, like being hella raw at Jenga or something.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Wale feat. Lady Gaga - "Chillin"

Dearest Wale & Gaga,

First and foremost we'd like to welcome you to Wine & Bowties. It's nice to have you here. We at W&B will not apologize for your absence thus far, because you haven't peaked our attention. Until now. Nike Boots, yes, but it was more a kinda until Weezy got on it. Just Dance? We hear it too much. It's the worst, and we apologize for that, because you can't do too much about it, once they get their hands on it, it's out of your control.

But as previously mentioned, welcome. Gary DeCarlo laid it down first, but you flipped it beautifully. Gaga, you still got a bit more to prove to us. Because we're not sure if it's you or M.I.A on the track. Regardless, we will celebrate to this song, so we thank you.

"Stuntin in some other Jordan 9's/ I got Phil Knight talking bout, "how you got them?"

Download Here


Light Graffiti From Around The World

Wish I knew how they did this. Wouldn't even know where to start. Various artists using space and color to create their pieces. Some of the joints are for sale. The crispness of the backgrounds help to bring out the colors of the graffiti. Could this really be called graffiti?

Light Painting by Rafoto
Pac-man by Robokon_gt
Armchair Alien by Michael Bosanko
via toxel


Stickup Kiddz - "Turf Banga"

Some real town shit. Weezy F sighting at 00:21sec? Kids in the parking lot hittin it. Doing their thing. This video is Oakland. The black and white is gritty but effective. Shot by director Aris Jerome. Fresh video all around. Devinaire watitdo.


Alpha Media Group Folds Blender Magazine

Times are a changing. Blender magazine closes [or opens] it's pages for the last time with their April issue of their print magazine. Like other print publications of the moment, Blender is taking it's magazine digital, only to be shown on the internet for now on. Blender’s ad pages fell 31 percent in 2008, to 522 pages, according to the Publishers Information Bureau.

Alpha also is combining its magazine Maxim with Maxim.com, which means a few staff changes and, potentially, more layoffs. Joe Levy, the editor in chief of Blender, will become editor in chief of the combined Maxim and Maxim.com; Jay Woodruff, formerly editor in chief of Maxim Digital, will become chief content officer of the operation.

Full article here


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Edwyn Collins - "Never Met A Girl Like You"

Don't be fooled. This is a slap. Off his 3rd album Gorgeous George. Yeah he's got a lil' pooputt in him, but it's good. We don't discriminate, we illuminate. This is for when you're with a girl you like in the car and wanna let her know it in a subtle way. Just turn up the volume and let Edwin take it away.


Kelis - "Rolling Through The Hood"

"Yesterday, I rolled through the hood
And I seen somethin'
And it hurt me..."


Evander Holyfield Fucks With God Tough

The title says it all...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nice & Smooth - "Funky For You"

This song is certified off the first four bars: Dizzy Gillespie plays a sax/ Me, myself, I love to max/ Redbone booties I'm out to wax/ Stick up kids is out to tax...


Kids Behaving Badly Photo Exhibition

The Clamp Gallery in NY is soon to be featuring a new exhibition entitled Kids Behaving Badly. Running through April 25, the exhibition takes photographs from Nan Goldin, Jack Pierson and Brian Finke to name a few, capturing the lives of adolescence living outside the boundaries of what would be considered socially acceptable. But I've got something to say about this... It's not like kids have an intense desire to behave badly. More so, it might be our lack of experiences, and obliviousness to consequence. What does behaving badly even mean? Who deems their actions bad? We're just living. Doing our thing out here. We celebrate the moments with our eyes on the future. Can you blame us?

For more information visit the Clamp Gallery


A Food Review By Calvin Carnegie

We all want to know where to eat. We want to know what's good, and we don't care much about what's bad. "Just let me know what's really good," I always think. CC thinks the same. And he makes it easy for us.

To some extent, I consider myself a foodie, even if at the same time I don't have much money to spend on fine dining. In particular, I like restaurants that have good food for decent prices but are off the beaten path, especially important in the hot or not LA atmosphere.

Enter La Serenata de Garibaldi.

First of all, the one closest to me is in Boyle Heights, not exactly a neighborhood known for its fine cuisine. That being said, upon entering this particular restaurant, I felt transported to a restaurant in Mexico City, serving the new Mexican middle class that has arisen there in the past few decades. The wait staff (along with the majority of the patrons), mix Spanish and English as necessary, always putting the customer first, with no hint of contempt or smugness. They fill up your water religiously, tell few but wholehearted jokes, and will be completely honest about the best items on the menu.

But no matter how great the ambiance and service is, you really go to restaurants for the food, I know. And the food here is downright delicious.

We started with simple Guacamole and Chips, which while not the best I ever had (sorry, no where beats the Guac at Rosa Mexicano, NOWHERE), was still a great way to start the meal. We had a couple of Margaritas (I assume they would have kicked us out if we had asked for it blended, a plus) which had the perfect tanginess, and then proceeded to order 3 different fish specials from the menu, all of which we nearly swallowed whole. We did not have room for desert, but the Mexican coffee was the perfect compliment for the end of our meal.

So... No wait? Check. Great Service/Decor? Check. Affordable Prices? Check. Great Food? Check.

Don't judge it for the neighborhood. Judge it for everything else it has to offer.

Do I need to say anything more?

Cal's own site can be found here. Blowing Through The Bullshit In Babylon


Bob Dylan - "If Not For You"

Off the album 1970 New Morning. That real folk rock that Bob Dylan does best. Although a hit in the U.S the song really popped off in Canada and Australia thanks to the help of Olivia Newton John's willingness to embrace it for her cover track to the album If Not For You.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Japanese Acrobatics From 1904

This is one of those videos you just have to watch. Just give two minutes of your day to it. Guaranteed it'll be one of the better two minutes of the day. My goal for tomorrow is to make every post a gift. Something special to make the day more pleasant.


Pharrell - "That Girl"

"We do this in our sleep" - Pharrell Williams


W&B Supports Bardis-Chapluk

W&B is down with the Bardis-Chapluk movement. In their quest to become President & Vice President of Loyola Marymount University, W&B supports the journey because these girls are vivacious and friendly and can make LMU a fun place to be.


Afternoon Refreshments From W&B

Refreshing like when you're so thirsty and you come across that bottle of water with the little frost on the outside of it. Refreshing like Obama in the White House. Refreshing like pink lemonade when your feet are in the sand. Refreshing like Justin & Ciara. Refreshing like a phone call from a good friend. Refreshing like the Birds & The Bees, Asher Roth & Drizzy. Refreshing like an unexpected smile...


Some WTF Pics By Insight

This is a photo campaign by lifestyle brand Insight. Titled Dopamine, the campaign features some ridiculous underwater shots. Shot in Bali, photo visionaries Steve Gorrow and Fraser Anderson developed their vision to create this amazing work. Using pro surfers ranging from Luke Stedman and Kai Otton to the Jamaican Surf Team, the photos present the dual imagery of what goes on above and below the surface.

Possibly the Dopamine campaign can relate an even greater meaning. It's like in life. We talk, we meet people and we converse. We share thoughts and ideas and stories with friends, strangers and acquaintances. Yet all this communication is merely on the surface. What we don't (and won't know) is what's really going on below the surface. Are we being honest, truthful and forthright in every interaction we incur? The Dopamine campaign is dope because it sort of relates this idea visually. Like yes, there are folks surfing up here, but below the surface who knows what the fuck is going on, cats are biking through cemeteries, riding motorcycles and just kickin it.

For more photos of the campaign visit Insight


Monday, March 23, 2009

My Interview With Chester French

So as stated before. I did indeed interview Chester French. Twas an experience to say the least. Initially I was disappointed because I could've done better, asked more insightful questions, talked less, listened more, but then I realized I'll only get better. My first interview with a band, was short, brief and impersonal, yet I was able to receive some insight into the thoughts and goals of Chester French.

Conducted over the phone, I was the first interviewer in a line of five for the day, and was given 15 minutes to chat with the band. One thing that I noticed about CF is their incredible self-awareness. They know they're good. They're also aware that they could be great. They probably really became aware once they became involved in an intense bidding war between Kanye, Pharrell & Jermaine Dupri to sign them. CF looked back at the process and commented on the improbable situation, "They were all amazing opportunities for us so we couldn't really go wrong. But Pharrell & Startrak were just a great fit creatively. Because the Neptunes have sat on this boundary of all these genres for a long time. And the fans that follow them and look out for their music are similarly open minded fans of creativity." With a record deal set, the group is currently touring the country, building a stronger fan base by connecting with fans at shows and impromptu autograph signings. When asked about achieving longevity within the industry D.H related the main objective, "The only thing that matters at the end of the day is how many people really support what you do and your ability to communicate with those people."

It seems as though this connection is what will truly matter in the years to come, as the role of the middle man (the record industry) falls by the wayside. IMO a much more authentic relationship is developing between musicians and fans, which previously might have been defined as a relationship between artists and consumers.

Often times I question those who travel off the beaten path to pursue their dreams. Before they have made it, what keeps them on track? What keeps them focused on their goals, and what compels them to continue when the light at the end of the tunnel is dim. To these questions, Max responded with a simple reality, "What we do is fun. So even if it sucks its ok."

When I asked the group about their upcoming projects, they told me about their most recent work, "Jacques Jams. We've got a mixtape coming out in the next week or two with DJ Clinton Sparks out of Boston. And its all original music, but instead of it just being us, we made it more of a hip hop mixtape where we produced beats and we've got collaborations with folks like Diddy Pharrell Travis Mccoy Talib JD and Janelle Monae. A bunch of artists who we really love." (I'm gonna holler at CF to try to get the mixtape early)

Chester French will win if they continue to get their music into the ears of like minded listeners. Finishing the interview, CF commented on the transcending quality of their music, and the diverse make up of their fan base, "In our culture people are so type casted. Ok so you dress like this so you have to listen to this kind of music. Or you have to talk with this kind of dialect. And its all kind of arbitrary to us. We like all different types of people, which makes our shows so fun for us. We've got skater kids and punks and gang members so its like a complete mix. It's really great."

For more information on the group visit their website chesterfrench.com


The Deadliest Predator In History

Imagine a sea creature with a head the two times as large as a Tyrannosaurus Rex and 1 inch long teeth. Close your eyes and try to envision it. Really really try. How many more wonders of the world have yet to be discovered?

Fossil remains of a huge and fearsome marine predator, dubbed "Predator X", have been discovered in Svalbard, a remote Norwegian Arctic archipelago. About 15 metres long and weighing 45 tonnes, the creature is a new species of pliosaur, and ruled the Jurassic seas some 147 million years ago. Predator X had a head twice the size of Tyrannosaurus rex and its bite had four times the force, at around 15,000 kilograms (33,000 pounds) over the whole jaw. Its teeth were each around 30 centimetres (1 foot) long. The remains were discovered in June 2008 during a two-week expedition led by Jørn Hurum of the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo.

Full Article Here


The Cars - "I'm Not The One"

This beat is too OG. Was this in the Billy Madison movie? I think so. "I'm not the one," is he talking about a girl? This is The Cars? What do these dudes look like. This sounds like if David Bowie and Boy George got high and made a track. Such a dope melody. These cats look like some straight squares. Squares with slaps I suppose.


Coffee Art

One of those, how in the world did they do this type posts. So many questions. Who spent their time on this? How long did it take? Who's idea was this initially? I bet one day someone was just drinking their coffee and an image initially emerged. they were like cotdamn, that looks a lot like a... and the rest is history.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - "Gold Lion"



UGK - "It's Supposed To Bubble"

We started off as Underground Kings because no one knew us. They didn't know what we were doing. They didn't see the big picture. But we knew. It was a cool time. We were just doing us. Just postin up, getting on playing slaps. It was real. We said we were Underground Kings until we came to the surface.


The Boxed Water Initiative

"Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious. Boxed Water Is Better, is a boxed water company. "


Tyson Documentary Trailer

Excuse me Mr. Tyson, I have a few questions for you today.What was it like when you first heard you were going to jail, accused of raping a girl and forcing yourself upon her? You knew what happened. Was it true? What was it like to become the heavyweight champion of the world at 20? What'd you do that night? How did you feel? Do you remember biting Evander's ear? What did it taste like? Why did you do it? I'm hoping to get some of these questions answered when I watch the documentary. It drops April 24 nationwide.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


If you havent noticed, weve got a new music player for the moment. As I commented in the Paul Simon, your feedback is oh so welcomed, because this is for you, from me. We're cultivating a movement here. And your help is necessary. So many people believe in the beaten path, when in reality life is what you make it. I will create my destiny. I will not succumb to my fate. That is the '09 and that is what we'll rock with. I'm on right now, but what I'm saying is real. Everything is changing around us. Can't you see? Can't you see? Portal A though, they're doing it. Young Bob and CTilly ya'll doin it. Kirk and A.Tandy yal doin it. So let's get it. It's our time.


Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me Al"

"If you'll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al
Call me Al..."


Can The iPhone Create A New Mobile Economy?

The Potential of In-Application Purchases

What do in-application purchases do for the developer? For starters, it provides new incentives to improve and expand existing applications. Why build new functionality into an older application if there is little financial incentive? In-application purchases address that problem by creating a market for application upgrades.

Another potential opportunity is the ability to create fully-functional stores within applications. Creating a digital economy (i.e. Second Life) and selling digital media such as books and movies will soon be possible. A fully-functional streaming Netflix store on the iPhone, perhaps? As it becomes cheaper to produce smartphones with greater storage capacity, many transactions and goods like these will move away from the desktop to the mobile.

A New Mobile Economy

If the iPhone application store revolutionized the mobile as a platform, then the iPhone 3.0 OS may very well be the spark that revolutionizes the mobile as its own economy. iPhone apps no longer have to be one-hit wonders, but can make sustainable income from a smaller base of committed customers. It’s no longer just the purchasing of goods, but also of services. As companies and programmers find innovative ways to utilize this new financial stream, more complex services will become available and more useful applications will be built.

The iPhone 3.0 OS could be transformational. Just as the Internet transformed how people purchase goods and services, the new iPhone features may build an economy for on-demand goods and services that do not depend on any specific location or time.

I'm still undecided about the iPhone. The benefits are undeniable, but I worry about our dependency upon technology and our reliance upon it as a means of communication. We started off talking to each other to associate and congregate, now we type messages. Will the iPhone 3.0 spell the demise of brick and mortar stores and person to person commerce?

via mashable


Kid Cudi's First TV Performance

Cudi is on his way. Aside from the Crookers video mix up, he's been doing his thing. Taking all the right steps in his rise to stardom. He has the quality and the talent to become that dude. It will be interesting to see what his next move is. Here Cudi's performing 'Sky Might Fall' on the Carson Daly show.

Performance of 'Day N Nite' Here


Hey Ma: Centipedes v.s Grasshopper Mice

This one is for the mothers of the world. They hold it down like no other. This video is ridiculous for plenty of reasons but the most glaring is how far a mother will go to protect her kin. In this case battling a centipede at 3.30pm.


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Self-defeating Modern World By Alex Tandy

The Self-defeating Modern World

Most people confidently hold the point that humans have progressed. “We’ve come a long way,” they say. We live longer and arguably better lives. We’ve been to the moon, and we’ve invented laws and systems of government to protect people’s individual rights. Deeming these things as progression seems fair, but something has been neglected from this list, just like the child at the orphanage. With all our modern inventions, our modern technology, we shouldn’t exclude modern weapons, which – when in combination with modern morals – can still create enormous piles of corpses. Bullets and bombs kill people, while penicillin saves them. I thought all doctors were supposed to help heal people, to rid them of their sickness. Some doctors, the ones with PhDs in the physical sciences contribute to the building of things that remove sickness – only if you call that sickness LIFE. But they aren’t the ones pushing the buttons.

Modern morals are pushing those. How far we’ve come, and how short we’ve actually fallen.

All of this technology and human advancement – it’s self-defeating. We build things to destroy the skyscrapers and progression we’ve made collectively as human beings. The many hours spent to span a bridge like the Golden Gate can become a collapsed waste with the push of a button. Why do we blame, the maker or the marksman? How about those modern morals? How about that “human progress?”

See you in the Coliseum. And hey, don’t forget the guns.

For more from Alex Tandy visit SweetAsTandy


The Dream Double Post

His fit game is pretty suspect. But his music is solid. Some real commercial R&B songs that still slap in the car or the club. W&B has been sleeping on The Dream til now. Kellys 12 play slaps.


Bat For Lashes - 'What's A Girl To Do"

You just gotta peep this video. The eeriness of this video is overshadowed by its uniqueness. It's so simple, yet thought provoking, like, "who thought of this?" Word on the street is that she based the biking concept off the biking kids in E.T. This is off Bat For Lashes' 2007 album Fur & Gold. New album Two Suns drops 6..04.09. This video is too dope.


The Sculptures of Salvador Dali

"Have no fear of perfection. You'll never reach it" - Salvador Dali

Persistence of Memory
South Bank, London, UK

Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

Horse Saddled With Time
Opera Gallery, Singapore


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stevie Wonder - "For Once In My Life"

Please put your hands together and give a Wine & Bowties welcome to the one, and only, Stevland Hardaway Judkins. Known to the world as Stevie Wonder...

Download Here

Courtesy of B. Williams