Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Introduction of Taz Arnold

Yes. Way way out there. But I feel him. his movement is very similar to the W&B movement. The promotion of thought. To get folks thinking, caring, loving, living. Taz Arnold exemplifies it. Yes his gear is outrageous but it's outrageous because he's realized the triviality of clothing, yet seeks to dominate and define that manner of presentation. This cat is really stuntin' on folks. Below is the inaugural video, followed by excerpts from his interview with Complex magazine.

on how he dressed as a kid: I’ll say this. In 1986, I was in a prep gang on 108th street in Crenshaw called “The Nerdz Gang,” like the candies. It was a spin-off of being a nerd, but these were like criminal cats riding surfboards, skateboards—all black, mind you—and selling a little weed and shoplifting surf clothes. And that was the first gang that I ever wanted to be in, and like I was in the 6th grade…

on the thought of people dressing like him: I think that kids should dress like me when they become a master. You not supposed to carry a gun unless you trained to carry a gun. You can’t do what the cowboys do. You can’t do what the Indians do. I’m a big guy; I’m not a little guy. There’s stages to this shit. I’m a professional. You can’t really go out wearing tights and Stephen Sprouse tights and shit. You don’t know how to do that. Stick to the skinny pants for right now. There’s phases—you just got out the baggy pants and the throwbacks!

Full Interview Here


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