Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Food Review By Calvin Carnegie

We all want to know where to eat. We want to know what's good, and we don't care much about what's bad. "Just let me know what's really good," I always think. CC thinks the same. And he makes it easy for us.

To some extent, I consider myself a foodie, even if at the same time I don't have much money to spend on fine dining. In particular, I like restaurants that have good food for decent prices but are off the beaten path, especially important in the hot or not LA atmosphere.

Enter La Serenata de Garibaldi.

First of all, the one closest to me is in Boyle Heights, not exactly a neighborhood known for its fine cuisine. That being said, upon entering this particular restaurant, I felt transported to a restaurant in Mexico City, serving the new Mexican middle class that has arisen there in the past few decades. The wait staff (along with the majority of the patrons), mix Spanish and English as necessary, always putting the customer first, with no hint of contempt or smugness. They fill up your water religiously, tell few but wholehearted jokes, and will be completely honest about the best items on the menu.

But no matter how great the ambiance and service is, you really go to restaurants for the food, I know. And the food here is downright delicious.

We started with simple Guacamole and Chips, which while not the best I ever had (sorry, no where beats the Guac at Rosa Mexicano, NOWHERE), was still a great way to start the meal. We had a couple of Margaritas (I assume they would have kicked us out if we had asked for it blended, a plus) which had the perfect tanginess, and then proceeded to order 3 different fish specials from the menu, all of which we nearly swallowed whole. We did not have room for desert, but the Mexican coffee was the perfect compliment for the end of our meal.

So... No wait? Check. Great Service/Decor? Check. Affordable Prices? Check. Great Food? Check.

Don't judge it for the neighborhood. Judge it for everything else it has to offer.

Do I need to say anything more?

Cal's own site can be found here. Blowing Through The Bullshit In Babylon


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