Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some WTF Pics By Insight

This is a photo campaign by lifestyle brand Insight. Titled Dopamine, the campaign features some ridiculous underwater shots. Shot in Bali, photo visionaries Steve Gorrow and Fraser Anderson developed their vision to create this amazing work. Using pro surfers ranging from Luke Stedman and Kai Otton to the Jamaican Surf Team, the photos present the dual imagery of what goes on above and below the surface.

Possibly the Dopamine campaign can relate an even greater meaning. It's like in life. We talk, we meet people and we converse. We share thoughts and ideas and stories with friends, strangers and acquaintances. Yet all this communication is merely on the surface. What we don't (and won't know) is what's really going on below the surface. Are we being honest, truthful and forthright in every interaction we incur? The Dopamine campaign is dope because it sort of relates this idea visually. Like yes, there are folks surfing up here, but below the surface who knows what the fuck is going on, cats are biking through cemeteries, riding motorcycles and just kickin it.

For more photos of the campaign visit Insight


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