Friday, March 27, 2009

Wale feat. Lady Gaga - "Chillin"

Dearest Wale & Gaga,

First and foremost we'd like to welcome you to Wine & Bowties. It's nice to have you here. We at W&B will not apologize for your absence thus far, because you haven't peaked our attention. Until now. Nike Boots, yes, but it was more a kinda until Weezy got on it. Just Dance? We hear it too much. It's the worst, and we apologize for that, because you can't do too much about it, once they get their hands on it, it's out of your control.

But as previously mentioned, welcome. Gary DeCarlo laid it down first, but you flipped it beautifully. Gaga, you still got a bit more to prove to us. Because we're not sure if it's you or M.I.A on the track. Regardless, we will celebrate to this song, so we thank you.

"Stuntin in some other Jordan 9's/ I got Phil Knight talking bout, "how you got them?"

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  1. bruh u need to hear wale's first mixtape...he has been in the building


  2. i've been sleeping. wale snatched the pillow from under me with this one tho