Thursday, January 1, 2009

"if you're always worried about getting screwed, you'll never get laid..."

Crude to some, but still true. It's like we take ourselves out of so many opportunities and experiences simply because we think its not the right thing to do, or the right words to say. The wrong question to ask, or the wrong gesture to make. On some real shit, how many times do we act like we don't see someone that we actually know? We're like, "Damn its about to be too awkward to even acknowledge this persons existence... did my cell phone just ring..?" Its good though we all do it. But its also crucial because we talk ourselves out of the game before it even starts. Dudes probably know this the best when they try to talk to those pyt's.

Wise man told me not to think just to be. Don't worry about them, just do me.


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