Friday, January 16, 2009

Thought for Food #1

So I just looked it up. I'm exactly 7,873 days old.
At first I was like, 'Damn that's hella days!" And then I realized it's
actually not. I don't know how many days the earths been around
but I know it's more than 7,873. So then I think, when I finally
die out, whether it be tomorrow or in 2083 I wanna know that
when I was on I was doin it. When I say doin it I mean livin. Living
good and having fun. Having fun with my friends and loved ones and
enjoying the moments. WE'RE ONLY ON THIS BITCH FOR A MOMENT.
Like a MOMENT. 7,873 is nothing compared to
(I just typed some numbers but you feel me...)
Let's try to have some fun and enjoy ourselves a bit. We're not here for long..

(yurples my favorite color so when I speak it'll be in yurple.. until I have a different favorite)


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