Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drake - So Far Gone Mixtape

Before I start. I admit I was sleeping on Drake. For maybe 3 days. The first Drake track I heard was "I Want This Forever." An above average track, but nothing spectacular.. And then Ransom came out. "You aint heard of me then you should go and get a blues clue/oops I meant a red clue/Wayne's here su-woo/bet he felt that like the end of a pool cue" That line put Drake into my consciousness. From there, "Brand New," "Man of the Year," and "Uptown" separated him from everyone else. Except Wayne. Which makes sense for them to rap together because they would be compared inevitably. Drake and Wayne rapping together is like CP3 and Kobe hoopin on the same team. It's fucked up. How is [insert name here, lloyd banks, paul wall, rich boy etc.] gonna stay relevent when the most popular rapper is doing the best songs with newest rapper with the most talent? This mixtape is everything you really need for a while.


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