Friday, February 13, 2009

Fresh Ass Radio

First and foremost Happy Birtdhay Ian. We will celebrate soon. Yankcity. Oh yes. For the time being let's take a look at this retro tech item from Crosley Nomad. Here we have a retro radio with modern functionality? Which means an old school looking radio with the AUX jack to hook up the ipod. Wet wet. The simple design takes us back to a time before the radio tried to tell us what was cool. If you really wanna go throwback you can just throw on some FDR speeches or something and just gather around the radio. The Nomad also tunes to AM and FM stations which is a nice feature too. Freshest feature: it runs on 4 AA batteries... so you can take it anywhere. The bittersweet feature: The only place you can cop is at Urban Outfitters which means you forsure won't be the only person on the block with one. Actually, now that I think of it, anyone who wants to cruise with me we should all invest in one and then we can all rock with it at the beach. $72 price tag is doable.


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