Friday, February 6, 2009

Giant Titanoboa Snake Found In The Amazon

A titanic snake that fed on crocodiles and was longer than a London bus has been identified as the top predator to rule the land when the dinosaurs disappeared.It weighed 1.25 tons and with a length of 45 feet or more it would have been able to take on and eat pretty much any other animal it came across. The newly discovered type of snake, named Titanoboa in honour of its immense size, was for 10 million years the largest land predator on earth. At least 28 individual specimens have been uncovered in Colombia and, with all of them being around 40 feet long, researchers said it is likely the species could have reached much further than 45 feet. With that size it is possible that the snake would have trouble getting through doors.

Article By Lewis Smith Environmental Reporter

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