Sunday, February 8, 2009

'Swagga Like Us' Performance (Grammys)

My "mumblings and grumblings" on the performance:

M.I.A goes hard for that, going hard at the Grammys with a baby on board. You know Kanye is fresh when he can have a fucked up haircut and nobody says anything. Jay is like the Marlon Brando of the crew. This is tight but kiiiiiiinnnnddddaa weak. I like the B/W though. Wayne still probably goes the hardest. They should've done more choreographed moves to really just kill it, then they could combine all of their individual swagger to have the most swagged out Grammy performance. Instead the swag of the performance plateaus at like a 9.1 on the swagger scale. T.I should've gone third Wayne should've wrapped it up. I'm inspired.



  1. i agree with JP. TI got the hardest verse on that track tho, comment.

  2. oh yea, no1 rapped their verse either, all adlb.