Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Photographs By Kirsten Harkonen

Families mold the unique individuals we grow into. The photographs explore a family's struggles over the course of one year. The snapshots allow the viewer to access private moments and watch the decay of the relationships. Each family experience is different yet we can all find common ground in their affect over our lives. Constructing the sets with foam core and paper allows for the utmost control in staging the scenes. The closed in spaces make the figures appear stuck in their melancholic environment. A medium format camera, that produces a larger negative, allows for capturing intricate details within each tableaux and controls the viewer's gaze. The sickly colors and awkward situations are meant to make the viewer reflect on their own personal relationships. The images are based on a mixture of personal experiences, accounts told by friends, and research.

Family Dinner
Bad Sleep
The Bed
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