Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mike Tyson: The Documentary

I don't know how many people really fuck with Mike Tyson like that. But I do. Lan does too. So does Young David. So for the three of us this will resonate. Personally, I'm fascinated by the rise to stardom. Sometimes it happens so quick that folks aren't even ready for it. Tyson wasn't. $400 million squandered. This clip is an intimate look into the mind of Mike Tyson and the experiences that characterized his life and legacy. Directed by screen writer James Toback, the film seeks to relate the essence of who Mike Tyson is, rather than detailing his physical presence. For those that have never thought about Mike Tyson this film will hopefully shed light upon a figure whos portrayal never mimicked his reality.


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  1. When is this airing? hit me on the space and let me know.