Friday, March 20, 2009

The Self-defeating Modern World By Alex Tandy

The Self-defeating Modern World

Most people confidently hold the point that humans have progressed. “We’ve come a long way,” they say. We live longer and arguably better lives. We’ve been to the moon, and we’ve invented laws and systems of government to protect people’s individual rights. Deeming these things as progression seems fair, but something has been neglected from this list, just like the child at the orphanage. With all our modern inventions, our modern technology, we shouldn’t exclude modern weapons, which – when in combination with modern morals – can still create enormous piles of corpses. Bullets and bombs kill people, while penicillin saves them. I thought all doctors were supposed to help heal people, to rid them of their sickness. Some doctors, the ones with PhDs in the physical sciences contribute to the building of things that remove sickness – only if you call that sickness LIFE. But they aren’t the ones pushing the buttons.

Modern morals are pushing those. How far we’ve come, and how short we’ve actually fallen.

All of this technology and human advancement – it’s self-defeating. We build things to destroy the skyscrapers and progression we’ve made collectively as human beings. The many hours spent to span a bridge like the Golden Gate can become a collapsed waste with the push of a button. Why do we blame, the maker or the marksman? How about those modern morals? How about that “human progress?”

See you in the Coliseum. And hey, don’t forget the guns.

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