Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chester French: Jacques Jams

This post is long overdue. The next step in the CF movement. Twas a bit difficult picking the right songs for the post but they're selected. The most exciting thing about Jacque Jams are the collaborations. Partnering with Clinton Sparks to produce the tape, the duo partners with everyone from Diddy, to Janelle Monae, to Pusha T. Chester French is the truth. The first rock band to release a hip hop mixtape before their debut. Kof believes.

The mixtape details the career of CF, from their days at Harvard to their rise to fame. On Nerd Girl, D.A touches on his dream mate, while Out At The Compound can be best described as an ode to The Beatles in style and sound. She Loves Everybody is still the headlining track on the tape but CF's other songs support the tape well, while tempting us for their debut album, Love The Future.


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  1. Wine & Bowties has officialy turned me into a fan of Chester French. Thanks