Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Derrick Rose Top 10 Plays of the Year

Props to Derrick Rose first, to this Top 10 second. We've got Top 10's stacked for the W&B. Believe that. But since this is one of the first, the area of Top 10's is a pursuit to be improved upon. Frankly, the cross on Andre Miller should've been coupled with the block right afterward to make a double number one play. That way the number 1 would pack more punch, and we could see another highlight. W&B. We out here.



  1. Rose is the truth, he is the wettest out there hands down. Give him a couple years and he will be talked about in the same light at Chris Paul. That nigga is like 20 and he is killin. The number one play should have been the cross on Andre Miller.

  2. Andre Miller was Derrick Rose's Bitch This Year...