Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dopest Video Out...

I don't think this can be topped. Within the first five seconds you should already know. This is for anyone who's ever had a vision. Because that is what this speaks to. An image of the way things should be, alive in one's head, but then brought to life with two hands and 10 fingers. Don't thank me, thank Lan, and if you thank Lan thank Nick. It's fucked up. It really is. What is so clean about this video is the opening statement. "No commercial websites or televisions are allowed to display this film without the author's consent." Which means, we can fuck with it, but NBC can't. This is a movement for the people, not for the bottom line. Which is beautiful. (This cat has got to be one of the cleanest artists ever and I've only known him for 15minutes.) W&B is the now. But the art is forever.



  1. this guy had to be on acid... for years