Monday, April 6, 2009

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye & Common - I Poke Her Face

Are we witnessing the rise of the next megastar? We've got two really interesting debates going on right now in popular media. In hoops we got the debate for MVP, my top 3 go Lebron, Dwade, KB24 and on the other hand we've got a debate about the leader of the new school, where I'm going Cudi, Drizzy and Soulja Boy (yup I said it). I know folks are excited about Cudi. He's got one of the most anticipated albums of the year. A certified banger under his belt, a critically acclaimed mixtape, and the Kanye co-sign, which may be most important of all. This is a silly little track, that's catchy and amusing. Yeezy and Common come correct. Download it in class, it's on the iPod by 1. Easy.



  1. Drake has no swag

  2. Really? Damn, at least he has some gaws to work with...

    Pac Div is up next too, jus for the record