Monday, April 13, 2009

Spotlight On The Yeah Yeah Yeah's By B. Williams

When they first surfaced in 2001, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were billed as indie rock saviors, and over the next few years, their stripped-down garage band sound got them some serious love from critics and fans. So when lead singer Karen O told folks a few months ago that the band were ditching guitars for synths, on their new album, It's Blitz, it raised a few eyebrows. I think Ye put it best though, when he posted the story on his blog, along with the caption "REAL ARTISTS DO WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANT". It paid off. This album is ridiculous. The music borders on all-out 80's synthpop, but still manages to capture their signature sound. The songwriting is abstract and beautiful, confrontational and completely vulnerable at the same time. What's even more fucked up is that after 10 tracks, they switch over to acoustic versions of the album tracks using only acoustic guitar and a string section. Makes you think about the songs in a completely different light. The acoustic version of "Little Shadow" is one of those songs that's so gorgeous you almost wanna cry. I've always admired the YYY's, but now I'm convinced. I don't wanna overhype, because the Yeah Yeah Yeah's might not be for everyone. All I can tell you is to listen for yourself. This is exciting new music. Please Don't Sleep.


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