Saturday, April 18, 2009

Underground Art Battles

I actually gotta give it to Brette. She was on her art hype first. Creativity is the ultimate movement, and art is a beautiful application. The Art Battle is really something else. A 90 minute freestyle art session. Check the synopsis: Each contestant is given a huge 20 foot mural with no prior knowledge of themes and must then put something together in an interactive environment as art-lovers look on. No sketch-books are allowed effectively ensuring that this is truly on the spot ingenuity. Winners are determined via a three point system. Two judges as well as a crowd-component measured via a decibel reader are used to determine a winner. The images seen here were taken from an event that took place in London.



  1. That's really creative to just draw something off the top of your head and it come out so dope! Props on the find.

  2. Thanks to Zac. I wanna find this in LA