Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Univism By Evan Sawyer

Univisim. Where we can all have one vision, but different visions. I believe in the universe. Because its is visible, its here, it IS for ever. Univisim is the solution to all problems. If you believe in the universe, you believe in everything that is forever, eternal. The answer is there, but it is up to us to find it within our selves.I've started my own religion, or more like a philosophy. It's called Univism-Galaxium.

Yeah, I like my own religion because this is the way I see it, some people are like "oh no we cant do that because it's not what "jesus" would do and dadada it's a sin dadadada" This "jesus christ" has been "dead" for a million some odd years, and I refuse to be ruled by some invisible, "all knowing, all powerful", judgmental, dead guy. With Univism, there is no judging, just no violence, and all around peace and self enlightenment between you and the universe, and everything around you. I rather believe in what I want to believe in, than to be constricted by the tyrannous reign of society and religion.

With Univism, there is no "god", and no "scriptures", it's just you, everything around you, the universe, and your mind, and Galaxium, it is everything, but nothing at the same time, it is the internal fear someone feels when they gaze into the universe and not knowing what is there, or what isn't there. It's weird, but basically, Univism is what ever you want it to be.



  1. I totally agree with you on how people seemed to be governed by an all knowing power that is dead, how can that something help us if he is not with us through our everyday lives to see what we go through during the good times and the bad. I believe in people who believe in me and encourage me to be the best person i can be, that is my friends and my family. Univism is very interesting because I have always looked into the sky and felt a sense of my mind floating away to a land where forever and everything exists. A peace amongst myself and the people i cherish allows for me or anyone to feel complete. Peoples internal fears come from a lack of not knowing the future, but if you believe in forever and the eternal then you can always be confident that you can accomplish what ever problem presents itself. This post was great bruh, good lookin.

  2. Thanks for throwing this up bruh. Good looks.

  3. I fuck with the Univism for the simple reason that I believe in what I see before my eyes. My experiences are the truest teachings I will ever have, everything else I will learn second hand. Univism speaks to the idea that each person will have their own truths pertaining to their specific lives, which can be shared with others but will ultimately resonate within the lives of the individual. At the end of the day I think all religions seek to explain the same thing, as they try to make sense of the unknown.