Monday, April 27, 2009

W&B Artist Interview with Kirsten Harkonen

What compels you about art: It has the ability to change the way people look at the world. It helps us redefine our lives without violence. Art reminds me of the peaceful protests Martin Luther King Jr preached about. He fought for equal rights through non-violence. I think art is able to change the world without using force.
Why is SF great: I love San Francisco. The city has a great energy and wonderful cultural diversity. It's just a fun place to be, everyone seems so happy. I love how small the city is. It's nice to be able to go anywhere and see people I know, this can also be kind of a burden when I want to be alone and can't be.
What's your favorite restaurant: My favorite restaurant is El Toreador. I love Mexican food and chocolate, I couldn't live without it!
Who are some of your favorite artists:Kiki Smith, Joseph Cornell, Cindy Sherman, Jill Greenberg, Weegee, Sophie Calle, David Hockney, Lori Nix, William Eggleston- All these artists have influenced me in different ways. I enjoy a varity of art (photography, painting, installation, sculpture, and performance) These artists have changed me in some way and have therefore helped make me into the person I am today.
How Do you feel about Ed Hardy? I hate Ed Hardy.
What are your favorite websites:, art blogs- i heart photograph, lens culture, who killed bambi. I love using stumble upon (it's an addon for firefox users), it's great for inspiration.
View more work from Kirsten here


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