Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Do We Stand For?

Does our generation stand for anything? If there was one word to define us what would it be? Do we care more about 50 and Ross or India & Pakistan? How many of us would take a stand for something? Ruffle some feathers for what we believe in. I don't think we know how to demonstrate. I sure don't. Dmac does. We should holler at him. What would we go to jail for? Or have Oz, Locked Up, and the First 48 already shown us enough about a place we never want to be. Now they're saying the government will control the internet. What will that do to our freedom of thought?

Does our generation stand for anything? Could you ever imagine
dying for a cause? I couldn't. Then I wouldn't be able to drive a nice car, and wear cool clothes when I'm older. It hurts me. It really does. I don't think we stand for anything. But today can be different, and tomorrow even better. Everything is a choice. The best of us will stand, but the greatest will sit.



  1. I can't imagine seeing that in real life. I feel like I would tell the story everywhere I went.

    "Let me tell you about the time when I saw a man move a crowd."

    What did he do?

    "He lit himself on fire."

  2. Wow... this just did so much for me.
    Inspiration to stand.

    Keep em coming.