Sunday, May 17, 2009

20/20 Special on Hip Hop (1981)

Hindsight may truly be 20/20. Watching this television special 28 years later is fascinating. They speak about rap like it was already a phenomenon. At this point though, although a phenomenon, rap seemed to still be an art form rooted in cultural experiences and had yet to be turned into a commodity. The 90's into the new millennium saw the commercialization of rap which I for one bought into wholeheartedly. Times are a changing though. What are they gonna say about rap in 2037?



  1. Awesome. We may have bought into wholeheartedly, but we have done our research. We dug into the crates of our older siblings and parents to educate ourselves on the history of the movement. We have defied what people intended for us and sought after the truth to continue what was started. We as the "enlightened ones" of this corrupted art form can restore it to its proper status. The voice of those who were silence. In today's world we are the silent ones. Our voices are drowned out by the noise they call Hip Hop today. We just need to unplug the radios, b.e.t.s, m.t.v.s and ipod. We need to walk back to the corners.

    Alex D

  2. Preach brotha preach!