Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Art of Production By Sharla Berry

“If it ain’t about production then what else we discussin’”— "Definition" By Mos Def

“Do something crazy, do something crazy”- “College” by Asher Roth

There is so much doing and experiencing. So much to see, touch, feel, so much to spectate on and reflect about. But I often wonder, what are we producing? In pre-modern times, life was about what you made. You worked your land until you grew food. You were covered because you made clothes. You lived in a house you made, off of money from hard work.

In the modern world, this was still true. You worked at a job, and even if it was not about your own effort, you were contributing to the efforts of production. You were on an assembly line, compiling, adding to. You were in an army, fighting, you were in the streets, building.

In the post modern world, we are the production. We are the spectacle. We make happenings and appearances. We “do me”, like we are an art form. We are our music genre, our style of dress, and all we do is DO stuff, go club, drink, fuck, twitter….. and we like to be seen doing that too.

But the question is, what are we making? Are we making art, love, war? And more so, are we making ideas. Are we making changes, politically? Are we making advancements?

The popular greeting of “what it do?”, then, needs to be changed to “what do you do?” like, what do you create, what do you work on, what are you about, how do you live your life? And more than that, what do you do to advance humanity? Do we just do stuff crazy to reflect on later, or do we do something bold to move the world forward, change minds and free people?

What do you do?


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