Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Has Myspace Fallen Off?

In my humble opinion, it's been off since '07, but the reality is that in those years between 2005 to 2008 were Myspaces strongest years (Comscore). But things are changing now, a recent Tech Crunch article relates the declining popularity of Facebooknot.

Myspace Facebook

MySpace user number growth has stalled out, and historically speaking, no company of note has reversed such a trend. But MySpace may have a much bigger problem on its hands than losing the social networking war to Facebook. Their real problem is that page views are declining sharply. That means people are still visiting the site, just far less than they used to. That means less advertising impressions in a time that MySpace can hardly be expected to deal with it.

Worldwide monthly page views for MySpace have declined from 47.4 billion a year ago to 38 billion today, a 20% drop. In that same period Facebook has grown from 44 billion to 87 billion, a roughly 100% increase. And it isn’t much better when you look at just the U.S. data. They’ve seen a 16% year over year drop in page views, from 41.6 billion to 34.8 billion (Comscore, April March 2009). Facebook has grown from 13 billion to 20 billion page views per month in that period.

We have also spoken with a couple of very large application developers who confirm that activity on MySpace is decreasing at a dramatic rate, as high as “half a percent a week.”

MySpace is a battleship that’s going in the wrong direction at high speed. It’s hard to turn a battleship. Perhaps even impossible in this case.

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