Friday, May 29, 2009

Lady Gaga Speaks On Sex & Men (UPDATE)

Brittany was right, Lady Gaga is the truth. But more than the truth as we conventionally think of the term. She's a bit more than the "hottest artist of the moment," or undeniably good at her craft. Lady Gaga is the truth because she pursues her passion relentlessly. This short interview is just real, but lightweight out of pocket. I think it also raises the question of what inappropriate really means. Is it appropriate to relate certain information and not others given the context? How much does context effect the appropriateness of a message, and what factors make up context? Who knows? But Gaga goes. Realtalk, this is probably the dopest interview that's been on the W&B aside from that MJ


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  1. i've just fallen in love with lady gaga. great interview

    - michelle