Thursday, May 28, 2009

Passion Pit - Manners

Passion Pit first hit W&B a while back with their video for "The Reeling". Since then, their full-length debut leaked onto the internet, accumulated a ridiculous buzz, and finally dropped last week. After getting a chance to listen, the love from critics and fans is well deserved. Anchored by high pitched vocals and trippy synths, Manners isn't afraid to be pop-friendly and light. Listening to these songs will put you in a better mood. Sure, other albums this year might offer more substance, but Manners has to be the most fun. If you still pay for music, go pick this up. But as usual, we got the joog on some free downloads. Enjoy. Also, for the LA folks, Passion Pit has shows the next 3 nights in the area. Check here for tour dates, music and other info.


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