Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Beauty of Creativity

Every creation comes from the mind. Thoughts compiled, and compelling enough to provoke action. That action leads to a creation. Sometimes what we create may be deemed wack by others, while other things may be heralded as masterpieces. Regardless, how others define our creativity, in the end, shouldn't really matter. It's the process that counts. Letting what's inside, come outside and play for a bit. Our collective creativity will not only inspire others but it will make things more fun and interesting. Our creativity allows others to imagine what is, and what can be. Kinda like this figure. I never would've known it existed, until I saw it, and now it exists. Now I wonder what else can be made. Creativity breeds more creativity, that's why it's so cool to do you.



  1. WOW!! im trippin balls right now kid...thatz maaad dope..

  2. interesting thoughts Max Gibson verrryyy interesting.