Friday, June 26, 2009

Curt@!n$ feat. Bun B - "Like This"

Hyphen is doing it. While it's definitely notable to have Bun on a track, this post is more about writer/producer J-Hyphen. A fine example of where grindin can take you. His work ethic speaks volumes and shows us where we can go with passion and focus. Hyphens success thus far supports the fact that you don't need to be in a million dollar studio to make slaps. Although he's been producing tracks for various artists in the game for a minute now, this has to be his greatest achievement to date. Featured on the Great Adventures of Dope Boy C mixtape, CurT@!n$ and Bun hop on the track and do their thing. J-Hyphen. So out here.



  1. Niiice.
    Everything i've heard from mr. J-Hyphen has been dope shit so this is definitely not a surprise. Nice work...shall we throw this on the pod of I?


  2. Usually I'd think this type of track is too thug for me, but this is just plain good music. They spit true. Actually sort of reminds me of 50 from years back, the hook especially ("I hit 'em like this!")