Thursday, June 18, 2009

Insalata Caprese

The Caprese is one of the best salads out. Consisting of heirloom tomatoes, cows milk mozzarella, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar. The simplicity of the dish allows each item to stand out, while the combination of flavors makes each bite memorable. As many have said, the key to the Caprese salad is to use the freshest of ingredients. Without them your salad may suffer.

Chef Joanna on the simplicity of the Caprese: This dish is one the easiest, but there is a catch. The trick is the ingredients need to be fresh and of the utmost quality. The only reason it is easy is because the ingredients are so flavorful and don't need any help shining through. This dish is best prepared after returning from a local Farmer's Market where you can purchase fresh and organic tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella, and maybe even olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You can try to go to the grocery store but it is not advised.


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