Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rattan Patio Furniture

Furniture is an important thing. It really adds to your level of comfort in any given environment. Couple that with good people and you've got a moment. Eilly knows. Furniture can turn a house into a home while also giving people a place to relax. Comfort comes before style with me, but when both can be achieved we're winning. Featured here is the newest collection of the Cielo and Nido Rattan Patio Furniture. Rattan describes the vine like vegetation that is used to make the furniture. Weather resistant and lightweight futuristic, the Rattan Patio Furniture is simply icy as fuck. Some day. One day. We'll be settled.



  1. thanks man appreciate the acknoledgment man god bless

  2. Thanks for featuring this fab. patio furniture.

    These are great places for a girl to park her sexy self on a hot summer day.

    I am really feelin' every item here, and though I shop a lot, have not seen this anywhere else.

    Also, thanks for your compliments on my blog--I am very pleased that you're enjoying my escapades.

    Katlynne LaSalle, mydownlowlife.blogspot.com

  3. I'm glad you appreciate the furniture. Comfort is key in the 09.

  4. OMG.!! What unique and amazing designs of patio furniture.

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