Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is Just Ridiculous

The title says it all. Either these are the some of the rawest pong players in the world or this video took a really, really long time to make. 2:43 and 3:00 are absurd, but there are a cool 20 other shots I could have mentioned instead of those. I play beer pong from time to time, and I consider myself pretty solid (Max, Hyphen & Teen Queen know about the white cup), but this almost makes me wanna quit playing altogether. A solid find by Jake.



  1. This just fucked up my life...the white cup means nada now lol...

  2. It actually doesn't take that long to make... These guys did a good job of picking well lit rooms so you can see the shots, but here's what a few of my friends could put together hardly any time at all...