Friday, June 12, 2009

Young Bob - "She Ca Get It"

Young Bob's back with his 2nd single off the Roberto Cabobby mixtape. We were reintroduced with Skinny Jeans and now we're familiar after She Ca Get it. (No Spelling Error). Shot by Aris Jerome, the video features Bob & Nic Nac on the grind for the pearl. Mistah Fab cameo is amusing but the outro scene steals it. A beautifully shot video to accompany a song for anyone who's got their eye on a cutie. Bobby Brackins. So out here.



  1. The Gax Mibson and Young Lan Cameos are even more amusing in my opinion lol...

  2. hahahahahahaha. i wasn't even gonna hype myself. but you might be right.

  3. thats wassp to see kyle and walt in the cameo. good to see em fuckin with each other.