Sunday, July 12, 2009

3D Sculptures From Plastic By Robert Bradford

Often times it seems as though taking the slogan of Nike and Just Doing It, is all you need to become an artist. I know there's been times when we skeptically glance at a piece of art, saying to ourselves, "Damn I bet I can make some abstract scribbles and sell it for thousands too!" While I do not negate the creativity and brilliance of artists who create memorable and lasting works, I do think that the barrier to entry is extraordinarily low to become an artist. Just create something, anything. Whether a poem or a painting, a picture or a post, any creation can touch someone. Robert understands. His work speaks to anyone eager to create. If you've got an idea run with it.



  1. whoa... this is pretty cool.

  2. Aye Man Thanks For Dat Comment But I Got To Dare To Be Different