Sunday, July 19, 2009

88-Keys - "The Friend Zone"

When the two were working on The Death of Adam together, Kanye said of the project that it was the best hip-hop album he'd heard since Late Registration. The best album since '05 might be a stretch, but not by much. 88-Keys, known before for his production work with Mos and Kweli (among others) put together a pretty ridiculous concept album, following the story of Adam and his losing battle against "the power of the punani", to borrow a phrase from 88 himself. "The Friend Zone", featuring rock band Shitake Monkey, is the latest single; an anthem for the dudes stuck in a pretty wack position. Director Yoram Benz went kinda Breakfast Clubbish on the video. Dopeness.



  1. Ha! hit her with the white devil stamp lol nice

  2. Max,

    I appreciate the recognition. Likewise with your blog. I rarely follow blogs but theres always exceptions. Keep up the work.


  3. the friend zone is like quick sand. the harder you try to climb out the deeper in you sink.