Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear Theophilus

I've been listening to your mixtape all summer. I write to it. Sometimes when I listen I feel like I'm in another time and another place. 1982 to be exact. I'm not sure if my friends fuck with you yet. But I'll turn them into believers. We are on similar paths that have yet to cross, but when they do... But when they do. You see, the brilliant thing about your movement is that it's so difficult to define. And that's so very dangerous. Music for people rather than a demographic. This is the inaugural so I thought it only appropriate to hit them with the intro. I'll put them up on the shuffle next...


Max Gibson



  1. So happy you could relate and connect! Got your comment on my blog.
    Keep inspiring

    Theophilus London

  2. yesa this dude is wet. he performed in the sco last night and i missed it ....hellla mad


  3. who is thes cat? the truth or what?

  4. Theophilus goes.

    Get that in your life.

  5. i love love love theophilus.
    i thought i was the only one.
    i'm gonna put some of my friends on.

    cool blog, btw.

  6. Hey, thanks for checkin my blog.

    I love theophilus, too. Hum Drum has a massive play count on my itunes, especially.

  7. Thanks for the comment babe..def. keep in touch...and btw you aint the only one who loves this dudes music...

    -SOnia G

  8. Glad to know somebody else knows he's alive lol. Cold Pillow & Ain't No Sunshine are my favorite songs, def the most played on my itunes.