Monday, July 6, 2009

Do You Have A.D.D.?

Focus for a moment, if you will, on the words of Rafael Casal. Dude has serious bars. In this poem, read at an installment of Russell Simmons' Brave New Voices slam poetry events, Casal goes in on our culture's belief in the phenomenon we call Attention Deficit Disorder. Having been "diagnosed" myself as a kid, I often wonder whether this supposed disorder isn't just a label they've slapped on a certain kind of mind. Is it really abnormal for a kid to want to play outside or create something artistic, rather than sit in an unengaging class and memorize? And how are we supposed to trust the intentions of pharmaceutical companies that stand to profit from their expensive chemical solution? Casal begs the question better than I can, so watch and listen carefully. J Boogie I see you.



  1. i just hope they're curious enough to press play

  2. damn that was ill

    thanks for the compliment on my artwork. your blog is dope too, you post things that are on other blogs that i see, but with a point of view thats interesting and a little 'street'

  3. Hey,

    Thank you for the support!!


  4. Not a problem. Your poem is seriously inspiring and thought provoking. Give us a heads up if you're working on any new projects or making other appearances soon, and we'll keep checkin for your work.