Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drake - "Best I Ever Had"

A bittersweet one for me. A song by Drake about the B&B's. boobies&basketball (in stores soon). Yeah, that's cool. On the flipside it's some pretty played topics covered in a semi-unique way. Although altering the plot, we've seen the hoop music video too many times. Here's an example, and another, and another. Cut scenes are nice to have but not if they're boring. Drake looks tired. Maybe I'm hating. Nahright said it's getting 5000 views every 20min. 50's thoughts on Drakes buzz were interesting, simply because it questions a level of hype we don't encounter often. And I think we're all excited too. Most hyped person after Obama and Lebron? Laugh out loud. Can't even deny it though, our friend Drake is doing it.



  1. I thought the storyline was cliche, but it was in a comical fashion. Drake's camp knows the hype that is following him, and I think they are trying to take him in directions that the masses don't necessarily expect. I enjoyed the video, Rosa Acosta has nearly as much hype as Drake simply for her stretching abilities ::smile:: - he's got plenty of time for serious cinematography...

  2. Definitely feelin this did I guess the 3 hoop videos hahaha

  3. Drake, over Cudi? Never that, Drake's cool as far as making hits goes. But to me it seems ever since he's been wit Lil Wayne, it seems he's tryin to actually be the next Lil Wayne, if that makes since, the dude is very talented as an MC and a singer but his stuff wit Young Money jus seems to unoriginal, I actually blogged about this a while ago.

    but thats jus my personal opinion, i like Cudi way more because i can actually relate and connect with his music.
    And the shirt i got is dope, ill post a pic of it soon.

    space. out.

  4. this is ridiculous. so offensive.

    also, he starred in the hit canadian tv show (it aired here on the "n", the noggin) degrassi.