Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hermit Crabs At A Glance

As a land or water dwelling crustacean, the hermit crab is one of natures most adaptable animals. The soft inner abdomen of the hermit crab is their most vulnerable area, and in defense seek out empty sea shells for protection. To further camouflage themselves, hermit crabs sometimes carry other organisms like anemones along as well, further disguising them from predators. Interestingly enough, when a hermit crab changes shells, often the anemone will also transfer to the new shell and continue along with the crab. The lifespan of a hermit crab is also impressive with some species living up to 32 years. I wonder if the female crabs choose up on the dude crabs with the flyest shells.


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  1. interesting! I grew up w/ hermit crabs as pets actually. cool.