Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hypebeast Interview Featuring Dee + Ricky

These dudes go. Although they were probably doing their thing before hand, Dee & Ricky rose to global fame once Kanye rocked their self designed Lego heart brooch on the 808's cover. They've been on ever since. The brothers recently did an interview with hypebeast. With excerpts presented below, it's refreshing to see kids prospering in a professional realm simply by doing them.

On life before fashion: It depends around what time. The past 11 years in a nutshell included: shoplifting, loitering in downtown Manhattan/Brooklyn, skating, playing with LEGOS, riding the Staten Island Ferry everyday, chilling with hot Spanish women, bb guns and sling shots and such. Mad bad shit in school, watching cartoon network and those Saturday morning cartoons. Mighty Max was the shit and so were the Ghostbuster

On versatility: We are super versatile, its like our super power, actually more like a sixth sense. You gotta know when to say “Nigga” and whip out a bottle of Hennessy and when to talk about Anna Wintour and a bottle of 1945 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam.

On why people choose to dress differently: LMFAO! The Fonz, we wish people dressed like that. He was cool. A lot of stuff made people start dressing “different”, its what usually happens over the years. These celebrities seem to be running the show of these lemmings… haha, everyone should just start dressing like Freddie Mercury.


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