Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is Advertising a Gift or a Curse?

One of the primary initiatives of this whole Wine & Bowties hoopla is to facilitate thought by cutting through the bullshit. Let me elaborate, a lot of the things we hold true and believe in are such merely because our environment has conditioned us to believe certain things. For example, in America it'd be ridiculous for women to cover their entire body, while in Iran there's no other option. Neither way of living is necessarily right or wrong, it just is. For our first example, we present a 1947 advertisement for Chesterfield cigarettes. The rhetoric of the ad links family life to smoking, while also associating the childhood tradition of the A, B, C's as an acronym for promoting Chesterfield cigarettes. If you fuck with cigs, what made you start? If you can't stop won't stop maybe some of the blame should go to Chesterfield. Everything is a choice.

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