Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lily Allen - "22"

I fuck with a lot of the female musicians out right now. Gaga is probably the most iconic right now. Rihanna's gettin back on her horse, Kerri Hil's doin it, and Lil' Allen is featured below. But let's talk about Lil' Allen for a moment. Simply put, she writes great songs. Her lyrics paint imaginative pictures, yet they remain relevant as she portrays a bleak reality. Allen's prowess is exemplified on 22, as she touches on the role of society in the construction of a female identity. Nice visuals and a pleasant melody make this one a late night special.



  1. Santi & Alicia all day...but yeah Lily's definitely doin it

  2. u right. forgot to give santi that bloggy love. she needs to come with a new slap tho. i can only listen to l.e.s for so long