Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maxwell - Blacksummersnight

These days, R&B albums with a definitive sound are becoming more and more scarce. The concept of building a cohesive project with one producer is too often overlooked by singers looking to score hit singles with the "it"-producers of the moment. Fortunately, we have artists like Maxwell around to remind us of what it sounds like when the focus is on the whole body of work. If you haven't heard the single, "Pretty Wings" yet, get on it.

Seven years removed from his last Billboard single, Maxwell returns with BLACKsummers'night, a gorgeous album showcasing his talent for songwriting over a rich sonic backdrop that wears its classic soul influences on its sleeve. Maxwell's Prince-style falsetto sounds right at home over the live soul instrumentation of songs like "Stop the World" or "Playing Possum", effortlessly creating the mood from song to song. Do yourself a favor and cop the album. Find somebody special and let it ride out. Glad to see Maxwell back at it. Now all we need is somebody to find D'Angelo.



  1. So - I've been checking daily to see when my nearest stores have the album - they're all sold out. Feeling deprived. Refusing to download.

  2. Enjoy those tracks for now, but its definitely worth coppin when you get a chance. Let me know if you need that sneak preview.

  3. I absolutely love the comment you left on my blog. hope you have a twitter account in which i am more than delighted to follow:-)

  4. "Stop the World" is the shit...i literally just came back from buying this cd...