Friday, July 31, 2009

TLC - "Baby, Baby, Baby"

Was there anybody as fresh as TLC in their prime? If you didn't grow up slappin "Waterfalls" or "No Scrubs", you probably had a big sister that did. I think too often, when people discuss the greatest hip-hop artists, they write females out of the equation. Especially those who bridged the gap between R&B and rap. I mean sure, magazine or TV top-lists always clumsily keep some gender equality in mind, but how many times do you hear two dudes our age talkin hip-hop and even mention Salt-N-Pepa or MC Lyte? Most Plies fans probably think Latifah is just an actress. Bottom line is that this game wouldn't look the same without the ladies having blazed their trail. Realtalk. Fellas, call me sweet if you want, but I know the girlies feel me on this one.



  1. Thanks for this. Grew up on TLC. the best.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Expect TLC to be back on the Bowties in the future.