Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zion I - "Coastin"

My Bay folks already know Zion I is a movement. This February, Amp Live and Zumbi dropped The Take Over, one of the most musically diverse and inventive hip-hop albums to drop in a long while. A few months later came the video for "Geek to the Beat", still one of the dopest videos I've seen so far this year. The next single is "Coastin'", featuring K Flay, and once again the visuals are on point. Both videos from the album have been impressive in that they rely on creativity and compelling imagery, even if the budget is limited. The independent grind may be tough, but folks like Zion I will continue to be able to do their thing even as would-be major label stars flop themselves time and again. The difference is originality and true talent. Zion I has both.



  1. the THRUTH!! I've been down for Zion I since the first time I heard "Silly Puddy"!

  2. "Silly Puddy" goes...whatchu know about that "Fingerpaint" though