Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ant Colonies At A Glance

Ants are pretty clean. When they aren't in your house they're pretty settled. They are the definition of team players. Their anatomy is conducive to sharing as well, as their two stomachs serve separate functions using one to store food for themselves and the other to store food to be shared with other ants. I wonder what it'd be like to just be an ant up in a colony. Do they have dreams of making it? Do they even have a conception of making it? Are worker ants trying to step it up to soldier ants by the end of '09? Who knows. This video is wild though. Sort of makes you wonder what else insects are capable of.



  1. We saw some large ant hills in Africa above ground, but this was truly amazing to view the subterranean colony. Thanks, Wine and Bowties. -Danny

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